Southern Cameroons Crisis: Nigeria’s hospitality to Ambazonians is remarkable 0

Two nonprofit organizations, Community Refugee Relief Initiative,CRRI and The Fomunyoh Foundation , TFF have asserted that Nigeria’s hospitality towards Cameroonians who were currently taking refuge in the country was remarkable and rare gesture.

Vanguard learned the Over 80,000 Cameroonian refugee were taking refuge in different states in the Country including Cross River, Taraba, Benue ,Akwa Ibom amongst others. Speaking separately to Vanguard weekend, shortly after the tour and distribution of food items including rice,noodles,fruit juice amongst others to refugees in various camps across the Country and Cross River in particular , Dr. Celestine Atangcho and Christopher Famoyouh ,Chairman ,BOD of CRRI and President /Founder TFF said they were impressed with the hospitality Nigeria and her people have given to Cameroonian Refugees now living in Nigeria .

Fomunyoh said : “We want to put in a word of appreciation and thanks, genuine, sincere gratitude to the people of Nigeria, to the ordinary citizens of Nigeria for what they are doing to the Cameroonian refugees, for having open their hearts and their minds and their houses and their neighborhoods to Cameroonian refugees. “We have been very touched by that and I see the love that Nigerians show towards these refugees. It’s remarkable, it’s truly brotherly love. “We want to thank the authorities of the states that are harboring the refugees, notably, Cross River state, Akwa Ibom state, Benue state, Taraba state and all of the other states in which there may be a couple of refugees, including the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja, there’s a refugee camp settlement in Abuja,” he said .

On his part Dr Atangcho lauded the Federal Government of Nigeria for the attention they’re paying to refugees during this period. “We really appreciate the government of Nigeria for their attention during this crisis and for the appeals they’ve continued to make for the international community’s to address the root causes of the conflict, to bring the conflict to an end so that these refugees can return to their homes. “It is a strong reminder that as Africans, we have to look out for each other because we’re each other’s keeper. I have been so touched by that and I want to use this opportunity to sincerely thank them for what they’re doing, it’s been noticed, it’s being appreciated at all levels and we remain very grateful and I think that people will always be grateful for that. Vanguard learned that the two organization visited and distributed food items to Refugee camps both in rural ,urban areas as well as major cities including Calabar ,Oban,,Akor ,Adagom I &III ,Okende ,Ajasor ,Basua all in Cross River ,Ikyogen in Benue and Abuja .