Southern Cameroons Crisis: NW Legion Commander says life threatened by Cameroon gov’t soldiers 0

Ever since the war in Southern Cameroons started, Cameroon government soldiers who refused deployment and attempted to escape have remain in detention, awaiting trial. The regime in Yaoundé describes them as cowards but their supporters say they are scapegoats.

The situations in Southern Cameroons have opened a rare window into the Cameroon government military now struggling to combat the Ambazonia uprising. Rebuilding the army has been a major challenge for the 88-year-old President Biya with a defense budget lost to corruption and many low-level soldiers complain about not having received their salary.

Events took another nasty twist recently in Bamenda following the killing of the younger brother of the North West Legion Commander who had accompanied Governor Lele L’Afrique to Bui Division.

Cameroon government army soldiers were caught on camera celebrating and opining that the Legion Commander-a French Cameroonian now understands what death is and how one feels when a loved one is killed.

The Legion Commander recently came under attack from his close associates for repeatedly sending his kid brother only on what some soldiers painted as  “juicy missions” while other soldiers are deployed to the hinterlands even when they have health issues.

The North West Legion Commander has reportedly confirmed that his own life is in danger in Bamenda not from the Ambazonian Restoration Forces but from some disgruntled servicemen.

By our Correspondent