Southern Cameroons Crisis: “President Biya may have escaped arrest” 0

The former head of the ruling CPDM parliamentary group, Hon. Albert Dzongang, who has been a very close collaborator to President Paul Biya and to whom he remains attached has said that he does not understand why Biya is still abroad at the moment when the Southern Cameroons crisis is aggravating.

“How can you be away when your country is in danger? I believe that the head of state is feeling the danger and has fled! CPDM militants must make public motions to support Biya so that he returns.”

Albert Dzongang opined that he is vehemently opposed to the French Cameroun idea of subduing Southern Cameroonians. “Have you ever heard that arms have won any conflict? In that case, America would have dominated the world. America has not won in Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan even with sophisticated weapons! CPDM will not win in Anglophone Cameroon using the army.”

The CPDM defector enumerated the advantages of a federal system. “Federalism is the art of living together differently. No federalism is dangerous. Cameroon was federal. Those who are in Yaoundé are power drunk. They do not want to give up. By regionalizing, the budget will be divided by 10. What will remain in central administration will not allow them in their greed to steal billions and billions. That’s why they prefer to see Cameroon burn, rot.”

By Eyong Johnson, CCN