Southern Cameroons Crisis: Soldiers ask civilians to wear ruling party uniform at gunpoint 0

Cameroon’s ruling party, the Cameroon’s Peoples Democratic Movement (CPDM), also known as the country’s crime syndicate, has been facing tough challenges across the country as its fortunes take a nosedive.

The party, which is headed by the country’s old and ailing president, Paul Biya, is considered as a terrorist organization in the two  English-speaking regions of the country and anybody seen spotting the Mafia-type organization’s uniform in those regions may not come out of the place alive.

Due to its falling popularity, the party is using the country’s military to enforce its laws in places where it is detested.

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, soldiers in Kumbo in the northwest region compelled some civilians to wear uniforms of the corrupt and discredited party.

The civilians, who had been arrested for no reason, were held at gunpoint to wear CPDM campaign materials.

The innocent and helpless civilians were held by the military at gunpoint at the Tobin roundabout in Kumbo, obliging them to wear CPDM t-shirts.

The civilians were later asked to hold CPDM fabric for a photo shoot.

The party has fallen out of favor with the population across the country, and this is causing party officials to think up new ways just to prove that the party is in pole position in the country.

Compelling the people to wear party memorabilia is against the law, but since the CPDM and the state are one and the same, many of the ruling party’s crimes go unpunished.

It should be recalled that as the twin elections scheduled for February 9, 2020, approach, the government wants to demonstrate to the international community that it can hold elections across the country and that the ruling CPDM is still a force to reckon with.

But the international community is no dupe. The ruling party’s tricks are known and it cannot convince anybody that it is popular, especially in the two English-speaking regions of the country where thousands have been killed.

Like last year’s presidential elections, the results of the upcoming twin elections are already known and it is a foregone conclusion that the CPDM will have a landslide, though it is giving some of the seats to its satellite parties.

Cameroonians are used to this CPDM show and they are not moved by any new scenes in the CPDM movie.

By Rita Akana in Kumbo