Southern Cameroons Crisis: The debate on federalism is increasing 0

According to a poll conducted by the Nkafu Policy Institute, a think-tank based in Yaounde, majority of Cameroonians prefer federalism instead of the current unitary system of government.  The findings revealed that of the 60.2% interviewed  at the national level, federalism is advocated in the following proportions:

47.7% in the Central, South / East regions;

42.9% for the Grand North (Adamaoua / North / Far-North).

68.3% for Littoral and West;

And, 96.1% for the Southern Cameroons regions.

In the same vein, 44% of respondents claiming to be the militants of ruling CPDM crime syndicate prefer a federal system. Finally, the majority of Cameroonians (93.5%) are advocates of regional budgetary autonomy.

52% are recommending a full autonomy while 41% suggest that the budget be placed under the supervision of the central government in Yaoundé.

The majority of respondents, (91.8%) are against the appointment of regional governors. These Cameroonians prefer that they be elected. 75.2% of people claiming to be members of the ruling party also share the idea of elected governors.

669 Cameroonians aged 20 or more were interviewed during the research taken into account the 2013 population estimates by age, sex, region of origin and socio-economic status.


By Chi Prucence Asong, CCN