Southern Cameroons Crisis: They Came, They Killed, They Destroyed And It is still happening 0

More than two years ago, troops loyal to the Biya regime in Yaoundé launched a violent attack against the people of Southern Cameroons after the Anglophone leadership created the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. The Francophone dominated army killed hundreds, if not thousands of women and children. The Ambazonian justice department continues to discover mass graves in Mamfe, Dadi, Belo, Ekondo Titi, Menka Piyin, Kwa Kwa, Muyenge, Batibo, Wum, Bali, Azi, Alou and Tombel to this day. As part of the same French Cameroun military campaign, Cameroon government troops raped and killed women and girls. More than 3,000 Southern Cameroonians are still being detained in French Cameroun and their fate is unknown.

The Southern Cameroons Interim Government has ordered an investigation that might lead Ambazonians to detain relatives in French Cameroun.  For more than two years running, 98% of Southern Cameroons territories previously held by the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime have been recovered by Ambazonia Restoration Forces.  French Cameroun authority is disappearing from Southern Cameroons and the atrocities committed by the Biya regime forces are now on the spotlight.

The African Union and the UN have failed to realize that the Southern Cameroons story is not over, and by so doing they are providing a fertile ground for similar atrocities to happen again in Ambazonia. Truth be told to power, Biya and his army including his gang of political elites have been defeated in Southern Cameroons, but the French ideology that governs French Cameroun is what is driving the violence.

After the attack and destruction of Kendem, Kembong, Kwa Kwa, Muyenge, Belo, Menka Pinyi, Bekora, Mbonge and the killing of several Roman Catholic clergies, Cameroon government forces also attacked Wum, Bui, Ndop, Kumba, Muyuka, Ekona, Azi and forced over 160,000 people to flee for their lives.  They destroyed the villages and took control of it. It has now been liberated.

The Biya regime has attempted to deceive the international community with a humanitarian plan that promised to do more, to help victims of the Southern Cameroons war. But as I write, Yaoundé is instead ensuring that none of its soldiers is brought to justice and that such mass atrocities continue to happen. Three years running, the world has not made good on any of its international obligations to the people of former British Southern Cameroons.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai