Southern Cameroons Crisis: UN has much more in common with those making the arrests than those seeking the truth 0

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has still not answered questions relating to the hundreds of people killed in Southern Cameroons by the President Biya Francophone regime. On October 19 UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Guterres told him he had not heard anything about the genocide currently going on in Southern Cameroons from Inner City Press. Guterres will be in Yaounde on October 27 — but it’s a mere stop over on an Air France flight from the Central African Republic to Paris, with two hours in Yaounde, from 7 to 9 pm.

Intelligence sources say the 84 year old French Cameroun dictator Paul Biya, in part as a proof of life, may go to the airport. So on October 24 Inner City Press asked Guterres’ deputy spokesman Farhan Haq about this and an imprisoned activist. Inner City Press: some were saying that the Secretary-General, on 27 October, will be in Cameroon for two hours in the evening on an Air France flight that goes from Bangui to Yaoundé and then to Paris and that the President, Paul Biya, might meet him at the airport. And I wanted to know if you could confirm that and also if the UN has done anything regarding the case of Nasako Besingi, who is a high-profile environmental and Anglophone activist who’s been jailed since 25 September, and various groups have now spoken out, and I’m wondering, has the UN done anything to… to have this entirely nonviolent activist released?

Deputy Spokesman:  Well, that’s several questions.  On the last of those, we have been raising our concerns about all detained activists, and we’ll continue to do so.  Regarding the Secretary-General’s travel plans, there’s no other trip to announce at this point.  If we have any further announcements down the line, we’ll let you know.  But for now, he will be in the Central African Republic through 27 October.  And… was there anything else?

Inner City Press: It seems… the Government of Cameroon seems to understand that he’s flying on a flight that goes from Bangui to Yaoundé, but betw… and between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., he’ll be in the airport in Yaoundé, and the President, Paul Biya, may meet with him there.  That’s why I’m asking you.

Deputy Spokesman:  Well, whenever the Secretary-General is flying, there are sometimes different stopovers, but there’s nothing to announce at present.  If we have anything, we’ll let you know at that point.”   The Resident Coordinator in Cameroon Allegra Baiocchi is bragging about marching for UN Day in Yaoundé. But in Douala the government had banned an opposition march, and detained two journalists. Today’s UN has much more in common with those making the arrests than those seeking the truth.


Source: Inner City Press