Southern Cameroons Crisis: UN says 4,000 new refugee arrivals in Nigeria 0

Over 65,000 Cameroonian refugee men, women and children are registered in Akwa-Ibom, Benue, Cross River and Taraba States in Nigeria.

Over 4,000 new refugee arrivals were reported in Taraba State, forced to flee violence in Cameroon.

Urgent needs included food, sleeping mats, blankets, and health care.

Some 27,000 refugees received cash for food of their choice in Ikyogen, Adagom and Ukende Refugee Settlements in Benue and Cross River States this month.

Operational Highlights

Over 4,000 new refugees, mostly women and children arrived in Taraba State, following violent conflict in Nwa subdivision, North-West Region of Cameroon. UNHCR and the Nigerian government are registering them and providing proof of registration to facilitate ID card issuance, freedom of movement and access to basic social services. Critical needs include food, blankets, sleeping mats, health care and shelter. The new arrivals continued to trickle in as the affected areas in Cameroon remain insecure.

The UNHCR Representative to Nigeria handed over the newly built and equipped COVID-19 isolation center at the General Hospital in Adikpo to the Government of Benue State on 24 March.

The 10-bed center is expected to improve COVID-19 care for refugees and the local population.

UNHCR through the First Bank of Nigeria processed ATM cards for some Cameroonian refugee families in Benue and Cross River States. 500 refugee families received their cards to promote financial inclusion and facilitate transfer of cash assistance.

Source: UN