Southern Cameroons Crisis: Vice President Yerima condemns attack on school in Manyu 0

The Attack on Queen of the Rosary High School (QRHS), Okoyong, Manyu

Fellow Ambazonians,

The Interim Government of Ambazonian is informing Southern Cameroonians that last night, 10thFebruary 2022, unidentified armed men raided Queen of the Rosary High School (QRHS), Okoyong, in Manyu County.

The assailants set fire on dormitories and administrative buildings while students were asleep. Ambazonia Intelligence Services have now confirmed that no student was killed, but some few sustained minor injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the children put through this ordeal.

The Interim Government of Ambazonia condemns this cowardly act firmly and warns that it will take steps to disarm rogue gangs operating with impunity in Ambazonia. Our legitimate fight is against the invading army of La Republique du Cameroun, not against our student population.

Any attack on a school in Southern Cameroons is shameful, distasteful, outrageous, and unacceptable and the perpetrators of these sorts of crimes do not represent our cause and people.

Cooperation between our Ambazonian self-defense forces and local communities in Ground Zero is vital for our success. We must confront the dangerous enemy we all face with unity and purpose. This requires wisdom and self-restraint.

I take this opportunity to reiterate the position of your Interim Government that school campuses are no go areas for any Southern Cameroons group, be they Amba fighters.

Thank you

Dabney Yerima

Vice President

Federal Republic of Ambazonia