Southern Cameroons Crisis: Yerima vows no retreat in dealing with La Republique 0

The Vice President of the exiled Ambazonia Interim Government has insisted that the people of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia will not back down from ensuring that English speaking Cameroonians gain their independence despite the brutal French Cameroun military operations in the Southern Cameroons homeland.

In a telephone conversation with Cameroon Concord News London Bureau Chief, Isong Asu on Tuesday, Vice President Dabney Yerima stated that the people of Southern Cameroons do not view surrender and retreat as the way to deal with the French Cameroun enemies.

Yerima pointed out that Southern Cameroonians can overcome the challenges posed by the Francophone dominated French Cameroun army only by means of becoming strong and building a strong restoration coalition with all genuine Ambazonia groups.

He noted that some Southern Cameroons so-called front line leaders have been involved in Yaoundé teleguided actions geared towards undermining the Ambazonia resistance and quest for an independent state.

Yerima further pointed out that the enemies in French Cameroon are slowly but surely losing their pro Yaoundé Southern Cameroons acolytes and have now resorted to spreading fear and targeting innocent civilians in the rural areas.

Despite all the difficulties, we of the Ambazonia Interim Government are trying to stabilize the restoration ship. With trust in God as well as Ambazonia diaspora support we will definitely succeed in this path,” Dabney Yerima added.

By Chi Prudence Asong with files from Isong Asu