Southern Cameroons economic collapse is worse than Biafra after the Nigerian civil war 0

Southern Cameroons economy is rightly an afterthought compared to the scope of suffering that has accompanied the senseless war launched by President Biya. Approximately 1300 are dead. Some 40,000 Ambazonians have fled the country to Nigeria and as many as 160,000 others have been displaced internally according to the United Nations.

Correspondingly, it’s worth noting the almost utter economic devastation. Cameroon Concord News Group estimates that more than 95% of the Southern Cameroons economy has been destroyed by the war. Understandably, our estimate is based on very limited data and conjecture due to the fact that the French Cameroun army soldiers have prevented all our efforts at getting access to most important data ever since the revolution began.

For the record, the two year destruction of more than three-quarters of the Southern Cameroons economy would rank among one of the steeper economic collapses ever recorded deep within the African continent, outpacing the catastrophic economic decline of Biafra after their defeat in the Nigerian civil war. As the killing of innocent Southern Cameroons civilians continue in places such as Santa and Pinyin village, it would take Africa’s newest state-the Federal Republic of Ambazonia about 40 years to reach its pre-war real GDP level.

By Seseskou Asu Isong, London