Southern Cameroons Education: The companion that no despotism can enslave 0

The French -inspired Biya kleptocracy, and its English -speaking flunkies claim that students should return to school. That “politicians” are sacrificing the future of children by impeding their education. Yet, this very regime cuts off, the internet, which is the quintessential medium for free education.

Regime zealots, using the military to force the reopening of schools, fail to see the hypocrisy and the paradox, of advocating for education, and in the same breath, cutting off the internet-the source of universal education for every child.

Biya, and his Zoetele tribal cabal, fail to realize that it is the education that Southern Cameroonians have acquired that has made his tribal kleptocracy- a government of thieves, by thieves, and for thieves- unacceptable.

Teachers, lawyers and those in the Diaspora know the type of country an educated population deserves. They do not deserve a potentate who is instilling terror on the people, with the intention of imposing his son, Frank Emmanuel Biya, as his successor.

Naysayers dismiss this claim as mere speculation, until they see what Western imperialist forces helped other “loyal servants” like Eyadema of Togo, Bongo Ondimba of Gabon, and Laurent Kabila of Congo, do to perpetuate their totalitarian regimes on the people, by handing over to their sons, with the help of the military-multinational complex.

Southern Cameroonians will continue to resist this dolorous outcome…until final victory.

By Larry Eyong