Southern Cameroons: Hopes fade for deal as Lawyers protest continues 0

Southern Cameroon lawyers did not respect the call from the so-called President of the Bar Association of Cameroon Jackson Francis Ngnie Kamga to put an end to their strike action on Tuesday, May 2. In Bamenda and Buea the courts remained empty and work has not resumed. The Anglophone lawyers had warned Barrister Kamga to stay clear of Southern Cameroon matters and to ask his Francophone political elites to release with immediate effect the detained leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium currently being tried for terrorism and incitement to secession.

The Southern Cameroon lawyers said they were astonished to see the Bar President called for an end to the strike, but not for the release of the detainees, including the leader of the Consortium, Agbor Bala. Lawyers are at the forefront of the Southern Cameroon uprising and all the legal minds have opined that the way justice is done in Southern Cameroons is not consistent with the Common Law anglophones inherited from the British.

The Southern Cameroon lawyers also demanded that at the level of the Supreme Court, a section for Anglophones should be instituted to listen to appeals coming from the jurisdictions of the Northwest and the Southwest. In English, they call it the “Common Law Bench at the Supreme Court.”  The Biya Francophone Government has announced several fake measures to satisfy these demands and none have been rightfully implemented.

By Fru James

Cameroon Concord News