Southern Cameroons Interim Gov’t issues statement on the plot to bomb Fiango Market 0

A Plot to Bomb Fiango Market by French Cameroun Military Personnel

Following a thorough investigation and brave intelligence work of the Ambazonia Intelligence Services, The Interim Government of Ambazonia is by this statement informing the International Community and the people of Ambazonia that;

1.            An attempt to bomb Fiango Market in Kumba, Southern Cameroons, by forces loyal to the regime in Yaoundé was thwarted on Thursday, 13 May 2021. The plot was another attempt to kill innocent people, destroy property, and then deceitfully ascribe the crime to our brave self-defense forces.

2.            Mr Biya’s tribal Bulu militia, infected by HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmittable diseases, continue to pursue the genocidal agenda of the regime in Yaoundé through widespread rape and infection of Ambazonian women. Mr Biya aims, therefore, to continue the destruction of the people of Ambazonia with complete impunity.

3.            Today, the world is informed that forty-nine schoolchildren of Mendankwe Government Secondary High School have been impregnated and infected with HIV by Biya’s Bulu militia.

4.            We, the people of Southern Cameroons, reserve the right to defend ourselves. However, as a people, we remain committed to peace and are prepared to engage with the regime in Yaoundé to find a peaceful solution to the conflict between our two nations.

We continue to call for the withdrawal of Mr Biya’s rapist and genocide-perpetrating colonial occupation forces. The Interim Government of Ambazonia calls for the release of all Ambazonians that Mr Biya’s regime has taken hostage. We call on a UN Mandated International Fact-finding Mission to Ambazonia to ascertain and record atrocities committed upon our people. Only such a mission will bring all perpetrators to justice.

All Southern Cameroonians in Ground Zero must remain vigilant for acts of vandalism and blackmail by La Republique du Cameroun military. We must not be intimidated, and our focus must remain on the prize of freedom and independence.


Dabney Yerima