Southern Cameroons Internet affair: Nigerian diplomat says Francophone action is against the 1963 Vienna Convention 3

The Consul General of Nigeria to the South West and North West regions, Dan Wari Nwazim has strongly criticized internet disconnection in the two regions for over a week now.

In an interview with Buea based Newspaper The Rambler, the Nigerian Diplomat said the act by the Government is against the 1963 Vienna Convention on diplomatic and Consular relations which stipulates that “Communication of Diplomatic and Consular missions are invaluable and the host Government should do nothing to tamper with them.”

Dan Wari Nwazim told The Rambler that for over a week Communication between his office and head Office in Abuja in particular and the world in General has been grounded, yet nobody has cared to explain to them why they should suffer such fate.

The Consul General said the only thing he has come across in Newspapers as reason for such action by Government is that, they disconnected internet in the South West and North West Regions of the country because of ‘irresponsible use of Cyber space by some individuals’.

Dan Wari noted that it will be of the interest of Cameroon Government to restore internet in the Consulate, “We are telling the Government of Cameroon to restore our internet. We are not part of irresponsible internet users.”

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