Southern Cameroons leader says meeting with Biya will only be to discuss terms of separation 0

The leader of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Governing Council has congratulated the people of Southern Cameroons for their commitment and sacrifices made so far in the liberation struggle saying the wide participation in the October 1 Independence Day celebration proves to the world “the greatness of the Ambazonia people.”

Sesekou Ayuk Tabe’s comment came during a televised broadcast on Sunday in which he praised the “freedom and sovereignty that the Southern Cameroons people are beginning to enjoy in a region where people are mostly ruled by dictatorial regimes.”

Sesekou Ayuk Tabe was apparently referring to La Repubique du Cameroun that list SCACUF as a terrorist organization.   “You spoke loud and clear to the rest of world that you require the restoration of your nation, the Republic of Ambazonia.’ The Chairman revealed that the Governing Council has been collecting data for over two weeks now and “it’s appalling what Mr Biya and his forces have done to our people.”

The Southern Cameroons leader made a mockery of the Prime Minister of French Cameroun, Philemon Yang “I hope Mr Philemon Yang who is PM will go and count the deaths of those that the regime has killed and will be able to join the liberation struggle. In 1954, Endeley led our people out of Enugu, Philemon Yang has been given a similar opportunity” said the chairman.

The leader further pointed out that “Our issues have been raised at the highest international level. The UN has made a call and calls like that comes when the UN has reason to believe that genocide is going on in Southern Cameroons. The Roman Catholic Bishops have spoken and the UN is now aware. None of our deaths will go unaccounted for! All those responsible will be brought to justice.”

His Excellency Sesekou Ayuk Tabe informed Southern Cameroonians that the governing council was working with lawyers in New York, London and Washington and have opened a case at the International Criminal Court to bring Biya and his acolytes to justice. He saluted the Southern Cameroons Diaspora forum to be held in Paris, France and recommended that its resolutions should be forwarded to the UN, the African Union and the EU.

The leader also hinted of a diabolic harsh ploy to stifle the revolution by a small group of lawyers.  Sesekou Ayuk Tabe sounded a note of caution that the Southern Cameroons movement is bigger than any individual.

In a soul-searching presentation, the leader focussed on Southern Cameroonians back home saying we owe you a huge debt for the sacrifices you have made, we ask you to keep an inventory of all those who have been affected by the brutality of the Biya  Francophone Beti Ewondo regime.

“I have instructed the Department of Health and Social Services to reach out to our people to help bury our fallen heroes.  Cover their remains with our flag and sing the Ambazonia anthem before burial.”

Addressing the all-powerful Southern Cameroons Diaspora, the leader was full of praise.  “This movement has lasted a year and more because of you in the Diaspora. This is the moment for you to take this struggle to its last destination.  I am asking those of you in the Diaspora to engage your local leaders, write letters to Members of Parliament, religious institutions, organise exhibitions on the atrocities of the Biya regime and organise demonstrations in front of the embassies.”

The leader called for responsible leadership in all the various departments during these dramatic moments of the struggle.  Said the Chairman, “Anyone can lead a movement but the true task of leadership is when things are not gong your way, you are call to display good leadership qualities. Keep your eyes on the prize-the prize is the restoration of independence. I am urging every one of us to desist from saying or posting things that do not foster the struggle.”

The Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front revealed that in the coming days, the Governing Council shall be organising a large conclave to analyse the successes and failures of the struggle and to map out the way forward.  A defiant Ayuk Tabe made it clear to the French Cameroun political leadership that there was still a small room for negotiation to discuss the terms of our separation so that we will become two friendly nations.

source: Cameroon Intelligence Report