Southern Cameroons mourns Mayor Martin Fon Yembe 0

I am greatly saddened with the death of my dear friend Martin Yembe. Martin was a passionate defender of human and peoples’ rights. He was a fallen general in the defence of our people. The Southern Cameroons and Lebialem in particular have lost an irreplaceable hero.

Martin took the risk to undertake a detailed investigation of the perennial damage and carnage carried out by land grabbers across our international boundary with the criminal intent of altering the said international boundary protected by a binding international treaty.

The unimpeachable report which was commissioned by the SCNC documented the criminal acts of provocation and unprovoked aggression perpetrated against our peace-loving people of Lebialem. That report forms part of an increasing body of evidence that supports the preplanned nature of the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity against our people.

Martin, you have gone so soon. But your contributions to the improvement of our dire human condition will live on. Your premature death follows the predictable visit of the angel of death. But the future of the cause you lived and died for will not be determined by the angel of death and apologists of genocide. It will be determined by the sovereign will of the righteous oppressed.

With history our witness, the sovereign will of the righteous oppressed will, as it has done with absolute precision, prevail. But history has already retained that you and most us opted for dialogue but it was rejected and criminalized.

The irrepressible mirror of history captured every moment of the unfolding preplanned genocide that claimed your life and that of hundreds of victims with absolute accuracy. It could not have been otherwise. Indeed, the last images that transposed your transition with that of hundreds of other victims vividly show some of the principal ideologues and actors mobilizing people from the divide with messages portraying the victims as terrorists, thus by conduct and words encouraging soldiers deployed for the purpose to massacre unarmed civilians protected as such by the Geneva Conventions 1949 which Cameroon ratified since 1963.

But for God, the ultimate Judge, how come that with the arrogance of absolute power, and justice of the barrel of the gun at their beg and command, they came out every so often to record their crimes in the soul of time? Martin, God will administer Justice at a time of His choice.

May God bless your gentle soul dear friend and brother.

Chief Charles A.Taku