Southern Cameroons on fire, several arrests in Bamenda, Fru Ndi in Buea, Kumba joins the dance 1

British Southern Cameroonians have staged massive demonstrations in the South West and North West of the regions of the country today Monday the 5th of December 2016.  In Buea, capital of the South West region, the elected representatives of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) led by its leader Ni John Fru Ndi mobilized and held a pro Anglophone rally.

A huge crowd accompanied the SDF leaders at the Molyko stadium where thousands of people gathered and were addressed by John Fru Ndi. The SDF chairman expressed solidarity with the demands of the Anglophone population, who are advocating for federalism or secession from Cameroon. On this claim, the regime in Yaoundé has vowed not to yield and hardliners in the Biya Francophone Beti-Ewondo government have openly stated that Anglophone claims are not on the national agenda.

The city of Kumba in the South West has also entered the federalism and secession dance. The Kumba population have responded to the calls made by the lawyers and the teachers for Anglophone demands to be met immediately. In Bamenda, the starting point of the Anglophone protest, the situation was also very tense throughout the day with clashes reported between the police and the population. Shops remained closed, the men in uniform squared the city and shots were even heard in some places.

The graduation ceremony at the Bamenda University scheduled for the 9th of December has been postponed to a later date. Several arrests were made today in British Southern Cameroons.

By Rita Akana and Sama Ernest