Southern Cameroons refugees battling starvation amid COVID-19 pandemic 0

In Southern Cameroons almost all its citizens living in the rural areas and various parts of urban centers have been left to fight the COVID-19 pandemic on their own. The ghost town operations and numerous lockdowns have mounted Ambazonian miseries with many facing starvation due to lack of work and Biya regime apathy.

The Biya Francophone regime in Yaoundé did not actually imposed any lockdown restrictions on Southern Cameroons counties as the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the two Cameroons keeps increasing on a daily basis.

Due to pressure from the French brewery Brasseries du Cameroun, Yaoundé was quick to open the country again after cases sharply increased. Southern Cameroons largely rural territory abandoned for over 58 years by the French Cameroun political elites has feeble health infrastructure.

Southern Cameroons caseload is on course to hit an unprecedented level, with fatalities approaching a thousand.

By Fon Lawrence