Southern Cameroons Republic: Why something has to be done and done in a hurry 0

Do you know that since the inception of the Cameroon oil refinery corporation, SONARA more than 30 years ago, no Anglophone had ever been a General Manager even though this corporation is in Limbe?

Do you know that, even though SONARA is in Limbe, they pay their taxes in Douala?

Do you know that even though the crude oil of SONARA comes from Ndian division, there is no tarred road to Ndian division?

Do you know that even though SONARA is in the Anglophone Region, there is no SCDP-the petroleum storage company in any of our Anglophone towns, yet these petroleum storage companies are scattered almost in all francophone cities?

Do you know that the petrol filling stations in the South West Region with Limbe inclusive gets petrol from Douala while those in the North West Region get their petrol from Bafoussam?

Do you know that the four ministries involved in the education of young Cameroonians- Higher Education, Secondary Education, Basic Education and Vocational training have had only one Anglophone-the late Peter Agbor Tabi as a minister?

Do you know that the Ministry of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic is a ministry without portfolio?

Do you know that the police force is an Anglo-Saxon force but their working language in Cameroon is the French language?

Do you know that the training language of the police college in our own Mutengene is the French language?

Do you know that majority of the Senior Divisional Officers in the Anglophone territory are Francophones who do not even master the English language let alone our way of life?

Do you know that even our Minister without portfolio-Paul Atanga Nji who pretends he doesn’t know there is an Anglophone problem knows deep down in his heart that an Anglophone like him can never be appointed Secretary General or Director of Civil Cabinet at the presidency of the Republic?

Do you know that anytime there is cabinet shake up, two miserable ministries like Forestry and Culture are reserved for Anglophones just to deceive us while there are divisions like Mfoundi with just 44 families and towns like Ebolowa with more than five cabinet ministers each?

Do you that whenever the post of Prime Minister changes hands from a Francophone to an Anglophone, there is always a Vice Prime Minister?

Do you know that the Vice Prime Minister is always a solid Francophone political figure whose personality bullies the Anglophone Prime Minister to submission? The late Gilbert Andze Tchoungi and Simon Achidi Achu including Peter Mafany Musonge and of recent, Yang Philemon and Amadou Ali.

Do you even know that Limbe has the deepest natural habour for a sea port but the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo government decided to spend 3 times the money they would have used in Limbe just to make one in kribi?

Do you know that the Menchum hydro electricity dam was announced 2yrs before Memvele and  Lompaga!!! Yet the once that came behind have been constructed already?

Do you even know that prior to the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy, FIFA summoned the captains of all participation teams for a preparatory meeting and Cameroon was the only nation that was represented by two persons-Tataw Stephen and Kunde Emmanuel in Milan? Kunde was so ashamed and remained all day in the hotel room.

Do you know that Cameroon has 4 international airports and there is none in any Anglophone region?

Do know that the abandoned airport in Bafut in the North West region has the longest run way of all the 4 international airports in this country?

Do you know that for any one Anglophone Captain in the army, there are a hundred and twenty Francophone captains?