Southern Cameroons: Security forces arrest members of heavily armed gang in Mbengwi 0

The Francophone Governor of the Bamenda County in Southern Cameroons, Adolphe LELE L’Afrique has been holding series of security meetings regarding the arrest of a group of seven heavily armed persons in Mbengwi, the chief town in Momo Division.

Local media report says the 6 unidentified men and a woman were neutralized in the Mbengwi County by elements of the Francophone dominated elite force known as the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR.

Nothing has so far filtered from police interrogation. However, reliable sources deep within the Mbengwi colonial administration hinted that their intention was to wreck havoc with explosives they carried on them.

The 7 reportedly dressed themselves up as United Nations personnel wearing cloths inscribed with the UN Logo. It is still not clear whether they are workers with the United Nations or impostors.

The arrest was made at about 4 a.m on Thursday and it has caused general panic in the entire Southern Cameroons territory.

Culled from Cameroon Info.Net