Southern Cameroons State: Brussels Conference resolves leadership palaver 3

Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora have unanimously agreed that all splinter groupings only go a long way to weaken efforts in the struggle. In a bid to combat the tactic of divide and rule that President Biya and his Francophone dominated government has been yearning for since the advent of multi party politics in Cameroon, Southern Cameroonians met in Brussels, Belgium over the week end and designed a new strategy on how to successfully hypnotized the Yaoundé regime.

Details of what was discussed in the meeting have not been made public. However, Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that participants who traveled to the Belgian capital from all over Europe, the US and Canada accepted that there is strength in unity.

The various representatives noted that there was an urgent need to have a leader. It was also revealed the leader will have a better hand in negotiating bilateral deals with the UN, AU and the rest of the world.

The Brussels Conference of Southern Cameroonians resolved that the leaders of the various movements should come up with a united front at the April meeting in Nigeria, to give more impetus to the drive to achieve recognition for a Southern Cameroons state from the International community.

Culled from CIR