Southern Cameroons Struggle: The Caution by the Interim Government was reasonable and timely 0

The Communication Secretary of the Interim Government, the Right Honorable Chris Anu delivered a very important message to Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians a few days ago, which require a critical examination in some respects.  After critically examining the Chris Anu pronouncements, Cameroon Concord News Group strongly supports the cautionary statements made by the Hon Communication Secretary. Time has come for remedial action to be taken to put breaks to chaos and reckless conduct that is compromising strategic organization of our self-defense efforts. Some individuals had gone too far to attempt to personify the self-defense efforts in and out of our homeland. These reckless and unsubstantiated claims stifled efforts at strategic co-ordination of the self-defense efforts on the ground and the support for our self-defense war efforts. Prior to the well- conceived message delivered by the Interim Government Communication Secretary on this matter, Cameroon Intelligence Report conducted investigations and came out with the result that the conduct complained of, had effectively jeopardized self-defense combat operations in some combat zones putting the lives of our combatants and civilian population in harm’s way.  Cameroon Concord News Group investigations among our self-defense fighting forces, critical supporters of our war efforts in and out of our territory, veterans of liberations wars in other countries, and tactical war experts revealed that they all were alarmed by the frequency of the statements put out claiming responsibility for attacks in ongoing combats largely on guerrilla tactics.

Pinned against a conventional army that has over the past 56 years of its war of genocide defined the enemy as Southern Cameroons civilians, that method of communication is perilous and reckless.  The experts and combatants that Cameroon Concord News talked to in its enquiry, were alarmed that a supposed commander of a liberation self-defense troops visited them in Dadi with a strange lady in his command vehicle and soon thereafter, the video of that visit was published in the social media. Soon after the publication of that video on the social media, the criminal assault against the civilian population of Akwaya and Dadi was launched with devastating consequences and territory that was hitherto held by our liberation forces was lost. That reckless conduct led to the arrest of thirty-six Ambazonians refugees in Kogi state and then the abduction of our leaders in Abuja Nigeria and now that of 4 Ambazonians and then 8 others in Calabar, Nigeria. Cameroon Concord News Group can now reveal based on information posted by persons close to the same leader, that the Kogi and Calabar arrests are linked to his actions and the mysterious woman who was with him in Dadi in that misadventure.  Cameroon Concord News lauds the spotlight brought by the Communication Secretary of the IG on the activities of this strange woman who remains a mystery even to the troops the Ambazonian commander went to inspect in Dadi and to a majority of Southern Cameroonians/ Ambazonia.  Even if she was a commander in the liberation struggle, the tactical question that begs for answers, is why was she placed on tactical communication and coordination of the war efforts in a critical strategic territory required for the prosecution of a war of survival? Why send her to contact our refugee population and other Ambazonians within the proximity of our refugees’ population and to organize a meeting which could affect the protections afforded these vulnerable victims of a genocide and war of aggression in our homeland?

Cameroon Concord News Group came out of its investigations with the conclusion that the most effective tool in successful military campaigns is an effective military communication strategy. The social media and other communication tools used by the said commander is amateurish, and indeed helps the enemy more than our ground forces staking their lives for the freedom of our homeland and the protection of our civilian population undergoing a genocide.  This lack of an effective modern military communication strategy has done so much harm to the tactical and strategic planning of self-defense operations and the ability of our fighting forces to attack, defeat or even to effectively hold territory in areas where the enemy is not present. Some of our bloggers have even done so much harm by constantly publishing information that has led the enemy forces to deploy and commit crimes against our civilian population.

The lack of an effective modern military communication equipment and strategy both for the supposed commanders living abroad, his combat forces have make it possible for French Cameroun, France and Nigeria who are supporting its genocide war operations to use technical intelligence to intercept their communications and to take pre-emptive moves through abductions to frustrate all attempts to plan military operations.  The exposure of the Dadi strange woman in the Dadi amateurish video disaster, and  the social media outings by the Ambazonia commanders and his constant field communications with ground combatants about operations of a military nature, must have provided a wonder opportunity for the cooperating and coordinating countries in the genocide in Ambazonia like French Cameroun, France and Nigeria to deploy technical intelligence, including communications intercepts to monitor and derail our effective military efforts.

Cameroon Concord News Group strongly supports the decision taken by the Interim Government to unite all the self-defense forces in our territory and to unite our self-defense efforts for better co-ordination, tactical and strategic planning.   The nature of the war and genocide against us warrants a strong, well-coordinated and sophisticated planning regarding, tactics, strategy, recruitment, training, deployments, logistics, communication, technical and human intelligence; policy and diplomatic strategies, civilian and refugee protections.  We need tactical and strategic alliances far and near worldwide from state and none actors to win this war. A strong assessment of our available resources and capacity to defend our homeland in the short term based on the public image of our Ambazonia commander and his actions and those supporting his methods have left potential state and non -state supporters to hold back.  The personification of the peoples’ struggle around an individual rather than a strong all-embracing support base may be casting doubts on the minds of our potential supports base.

It was incumbent and timely for the Interim Government to make a strong statement to reassure our state and non-state actors international support base. The statement was also warranting to bring all our fighting unites in the ground together to provide them with means of subsistence, logistics, effective save communication network, ordnance for effective operations.  Cameroon Concord News agrees with the Interim Government policy statement that war without diplomacy will not be effective and diplomacy without war will not be effective either. Both must go together. Lest we forget, the forces allied against us are an alliance built by French Cameroun with France and Nigeria. We too need through diplomacy to build our strategic alliances with state and non-state actions in the sub-region and other parts of the world. These can only be attained through diplomacy. We need a strong military response to the genocide and the colonial war of aggression to force the enemy to release our President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and members of the Interim Government and thousands of our abductees.  We need a strong military response to take effective control of our territory, and protect our people, our resources and our hard-won independence on the precious blood of the martyrs of our revolution.  These imperatives warranted a strong call for discipline and a stop to actions that portray us and our revolution in bad light and an end to the chaotic infantile personification of the peoples’ revolution.  Cameroon Concord News Group calls on Ambazonians and friends of Ambazonia to cooperate and contribute massively to the Interim Government to move this revolution in a structured manner towards our stated objective of freeing and protecting our homeland Ambazonia from genocide, external colonial aggression and conspiratorial economic exploitation on our blood and sweat.

To this I put my name

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Chairman, Editor-in-Chief

Cameroon Concord News Group