Southern Cameroons suffering from longest military crackdown in African history 0

Southern Cameroons now known as the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is currently descending into more chaotic despair under the watchful eyes of the AU, EU and the United Nations.

Southern Cameroonians in Ground Zero for the past four years are being subjected to the longest army crackdown in modern African history. 87 year old President Biya declared war against the people of Southern Cameroons since four years ago and the conflict has taken its toll on all aspects of life in the impoverished former British colony and has caused a catastrophic decline in the quality of life as well as high unemployment and poverty.

The regime in Yaoundé also severely restricts movements as well as access of Southern Cameroonians to their agricultural land and fishing areas. Ambazonians are suffering from deepening poverty and underdevelopment due to the crippling French Cameroun siege.

Presently, more than ninety percent of Southern Cameroonians rely on some sort of help to survive. French Cameroun military aggressions and pro Yaoundé armed militia atrocities over the past four years have also taken their toll on Southern Cameroons health system hindering the ability to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

Human Rights groups have all said that with sharply rising COVID-19 cases in Southern Cameroons, the health sector faces total collapse, unless the war is brought to an abrupt end.

As years go by many political commentators blame the French Cameroun imposed war on what they describe as an international conspiracy of silence teleguided from Paris. Southern Cameroonians in Ground Zero have been suffering under the Biya French Cameroun blockade since 2016. Human rights organizations including the United States government have condemned the war.

By Isong Asu in London