Southern Cameroons Uprising: Strikes and ghost town must continue 0

There are very urgent and compelling reasons why the strike action and resistance to the colonial rule and the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity to enforce it on the Southern Cameroons must continue and continue with more intensity. The collective punishment of Southern Cameroonians through the disconnection of internet facilities and electricity to ensure that the ongoing  elaborate genocide and crimes against humanity are no longer recorded and shown to the world; the arrests and charging of  Lawyer Felix Agbor Nkongho, the President of the  Consortium of   Civil Society Associations,  Dr Neba Fontem, the Secretary-General of the Consortium, Hon, Justice Paul Ayah, an Advocate General at the Supreme Court  and Mancho Bibixy a community activist, and  the programmed abduction and trial in a Military Court of many more Southern Cameroonians  in French and away from the territory of the Southern Cameroon is  a declaration of war warranting sustained resistance.

It is commonsense to venture a speculation that by now, even die heart Iscariot’s like Atanga Nji  have realized that the ongoing war aimed at exterminating Southern Cameroons instead of frightening the people to capitulate in fear, have rather emboldened the peoples’ resolve to unite and resist with their last energy. The people have comprehensively demonstrated that they will not succumb to perpetual enslavement through the blackmail of criminality, blood baying military, paramilitary and police bestiality.

Though the people have endured significant loss of life and limb, there are encouraging signs that the Southern Cameroons like the phoenix will emerge from this senseless invasion and slaughter a free, dignified and more united people. The people are more than ever unity in their resolve to attain their freedom no matter the sacrifices and no matter the costs. The time to put an end to the humiliations and criminality of annexation and colonial rule is now.

The collective punishment inflicted on the Southern Cameroons without distinction on political grounds and ethnic affinity has helped Southern Cameroonians to rediscover the blessings of unity among its citizens. Unity of purpose and action are the sole panacea towards securing our common existence and survival. For this purpose, the people of the Southern Cameroons have discovered strikes and ghost towns as a powerful weapon of resistance which the enemy cannot break.  Therefore the strike action and ghost towns called to reclaim our right to life, dignity, freedom and the pursuit of happiness within our own territory and survive on our good given resources must continue.

The voices and wailing of our children, women, mothers and boys and fathers as they are bludgeoned to death in cold blood dragged from the sanctity of our homes and streets will torment our individual and collective consciences if we do not pursue the cause of justice for which they gave their lives.  Let the strike proceed until all our people are freed and the blood of our loved ones accounted for. For it makes no sense to send our children to schools to be raped, killed and kidnapped to please a sanguinary despotic colonial regime.

Lest we forget, the genocidal forces deployed by La Republique du Cameroun to rape, maim, destroy and kill did not distinguish a Bafren person from a Banyangi or a Bangwa; a Moghamo from a Bakweri, an Oroko from a Banso, a CPDM militant from SDF. Rather the instructions to kill, rape, humiliate, and brutalize was aimed at indistinguishably on their common Southern Cameroons identity. Government Ministers and some Iscariots in Southern Cameroons have publicly congratulated themselves for the zeal with which they have executed these crimes against the unarmed people Southern Cameroonians.

Aggravating these criminal conduct, is the humiliating kidnapping and transfer our people to be tried and possibly executed by a Military Tribunal whose proceedings will be in French and whose outcome has already been made public by officials of La Republique from Governors to Ministers.  Under these circumstances, there is no reason for Southern Cameroonians to send their children to school to be raped and killed.  The internet and electricity blockade of the Southern Cameroons and the collective punishment of our people have comprehensively emphasized the divide between La Republique and the Southern Cameroons. The wound inflicted in these acts of bestiality may never heal and so the pathing path should have been negotiated and not at the cost of so much blood.

For the above reasons, the strike and ghosts towns are justified and should continue.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai


Cameroon Concord News Group