Southern Cameroons Vice President to hail Amba Self Defense position on the struggle 0

The Vice President of the British Southern Cameroons Interim Government will be addressing the Ambazonian people today in a speech to be aired by the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation, SCBC.

Comrade Dabney Yerima will hail the self defense and unchanging position of Ambazonia Restoration Forces on supporting the independence cause against French Cameroun’s 59 years occupation.

In his message to the Southern Cameroons people, Vice President Dabney Yerima will say “I come to remind you of our dark past, dangerous present, and to elaborate on our goal to take back control of our destiny. So, I speak today of grave national sadness and danger but also a moment of national opportunity. Our efforts to defend our people began on 30 November 2017, when Paul Biya of French Cameroun declared war upon our people. Today, we announce a project that offers new hope for our young nation. We are persuaded that the project before you is essential, responsible, and deserving of your support.”

Yerima will also express the Ambazonia Interim Government’s deep appreciation to Southern Cameroonians in Ground Zero saying “The Responsibility to protect populations from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing has emerged as an important global principle since its unanimous adoption at the UN World Summit in 2005. We are rolling out a plan to ruthlessly adhere to our Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Ambazonia. We must recognize that our security is based on being prepared to meet the threat posed by our enemy. We cannot afford to engage in the luxury of believing that French Cameroun will cease to be an aggressor.”

Vice President Yerima will add that “Our defense establishment has evaluated and instructed, and the Interim Government has concluded that OPERATION BIG RUBBERGUN is necessary. OPERATION BIG RUBBERGUN will: recruit, train, and support Restoration Forces in their attempt to capture and hold territory. The project will also provide sophisticated hardware procurement and logistic support to our Restoration Forces.”

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By Isong Asu