Southern Cameroons: Vice President Yerima’s Address To The Nation On The Amba 4 Points Agenda 0


Fellow Ambazonians,

Today I come to you out of genuine love for our country Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) to address a matter of national importance. The best hope for advancing our struggle is in engaging with honesty and humility. Endeavour, generosity and genuine intentions have put us where we are today as a people. As a result of your generosity and hard-work, we have come this far in our quest for justice and liberty.

This struggle has reached a point of no return. The upper gear for a free Ambazonia has been engaged and will not be reversed. Ambazonia is not for turning! We are committed to independence or resistance forever.

After months of negotiations and diplomatic wrangling amongst nations, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on July 1 2020, unanimously adopted UN resolution 2532, endorsing UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutterres’ call in late March 2020 for a global ceasefire. The resolution has three main provisions: (i) a demand for a cessation of hostilities, (ii) an appeal for an immediate 90-day pause to allow for humanitarian activities, (iii) a plea for intensified international cooperation to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many countries have signed this resolution but La Republique du Cameroun has not. Instead, they made a move to engage with our leaders in detention under President AyukTabe to explore the option of both nations calling for a ceasefire in the Cameroons colonial conflict. On 2 July 2020, the regime in Yaoundé called a meeting with nine of our leaders in detention.

Since that meeting, our airwaves have been polluted with inaccuracies and deliberate distortions. The peddlers of these inaccuracies intend to poison the minds of Ambazonians with the fiction that “prisoners do not negotiate for freemen”. As a wise negotiator, the great Nelson Mandela employed the phrase in the 1980s to negotiate his release from detention. Any attempt to misinterpret the great man is disingenuous and must be condemned in the strongest terms.

I challenge you to show me a free Ambazonian. None of us is free when we can’t freely visit the land we call our own. Freedom is much more than social media activism and self-exile. The idea that any genuine Ambazonian is free anywhere on this planet is a myth. We all die when one of us is killed. We are all in prison when one of us is jailed as a result of our cause.

The words widely misrepresented on social media by some frontline leaders are “Negotiations” and “Dialogue”. Resolution 2532 pushes for a ceasefire to allow for humanitarian aid during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our leaders in detention are public servants doing their best for our nation against all odds. Their personal pain is intense but they are still going strong for our nation. They are called to a mission to liberate the Southern Cameroons; a mission to fight for freedom over tyranny and oppression. Owing to their dedication, astuteness and wisdom, they crafted four points as a basis or pre-requisite for Ambazonia agreeing to a ceasefire;

  • A call for a ceasefire by La Republique Cameroun and an order for its military to go back to barracks- supervised and enforced by the United Nations
  • Unconditional release of all people detained and imprisoned as a result of this crisis as well as declaration of general amnesty to them.
  • Declaration of a general amnesty on all our people in the diaspora to visit home without embarrassment by any La Republique du Cameroun authorities.
  • Acceptance by the government of La Republique du Cameroun to participate in a genuine, open and inclusive dialogue without preconditions, with timetable, neutral venue, and in the presence of independent and impartial mediator acceptable to both parties.

These four points were crafted by our leaders as a condition to employ confidence building measures that will eventually lead to a ceasefire and create an enabling environment for sustainable justice and peace. The four points from the leaders were created with the Ambazonian public in mind which is standard procedure before any subsequent evolution into a legal document. The pressure from the international community upon La Republique du Cameroun is rock-solid and we must seize our moment. La Republique du Cameroun should stop deceiving herself that Ambazonia will be defeated in the battlefield.

To the leaders of frontline movements, I say to you that as leaders of this revolution, we owe our people a debt of honesty and reality in finding a lasting solution to the war in our country. True leadership does not mean we have to kill or abandon our fellow leaders in detention. Our revolution must be characterized by mutual respect, not by falsehoods and contaminated politics. The individual and collective sacrifices from our people in Ground Zero must be carefully considered in every move we make. We must balance our national goals with their daily misery. Any condition that shortens their suffering while leading the nation to its objective of freedom and independence must be supported.

Pre-talks are not Negotiations or Dialogue! I want to assure all Southern Cameroonians that neither of that is taking place between President Ayuk Tabe and the Government of La Republique du Cameroun. Our President has made it abundantly clear that no single person can negotiate for Ambazonia. It will take our finest experts from across the board to engage in negotiations as the complexity of the assignment is enormous.

Our people are desperate in the forests, disrespected by La Republique du Cameroun military and despised by the regime in Yaoundé. They are on edge and seek relief from their distress. They need us now more than ever.  They have devoted faith, hope, and trust in us but our actions over the last twelve days have been dishonorable. The diaspora must send our people in Ground Zero a signal that they care. This is a time for action, integrity and honesty.

It is alarming, pointless and irresponsible for any Ambazonian of good-intent to disagree with the move from our leaders in detention. Since the meeting of 2 July 2020, we have reached out to nearly all the frontline leaders of this revolution. We have personally briefed Hon Wirba, Dr Cho Ayaba, John Mbah Akuroh, Dr Ebenezar Akwanga, Boh Herbert, Dr Fontem Neba and Abdul Karim just to name a few. We have also reached out to the clergy and civil society organizations in G0 and the diaspora. Most Activists, Restoration Forces and tens of Ambazonian legal minds have also been briefed. Our resolve has been to bring the Ambazonian family together. Any leader who says one thing in private and propagates a different narrative to the nation in public is not doing our nation justice.

For all who see this revolution as a game or business, I have news for you; your game is up. The smear campaigners, blackmailers, doomsayers, tricksters and social media warlords must understand that they will never succeed in derailing the commitment of Ambazonians. The people of Ambazonia are better than what you are serving them. There is an appropriate season for everything. There is a time to compete and a time to cooperate. The time for cooperation is now. The time for all Southern Cameroonians to back the four points tabled by our leadership team to La Republique du Cameroun as conditions for any ceasefire is now. The Ambazonian people are watching.

To our Restoration Forces; I salute your courage, dedication and selflessness. Your bravery and commitment to the Ambazonian struggle is indisputable. Your collective sacrifice to defend our parents, brothers, sisters, children, and properties from the oppressor will live long in the consciousness of our nation. We are proud of you. The optics is good, and we are determined more than ever to provide you with what is needed to defeat the oppressor. Stay committed and resilient, your sacrifice is the only thing that has brought us to this stage in which the oppressor is willing to talk. We must continue with our coordinated and ruthless firepower in self-defence.

Fellow Ambazonians in G0, G1 and G2, your daily suffering is our concern. The Interim Government of Ambazonia in all its decisions balances your suffering with the national goal of freedom and independence. Your leaders in detention are much too intelligent and committed to your dream and would settle for nothing less than total independence. After 59 years of abuse and subjugation, we cannot be satisfied by just returning to the status quo.

Time is neutral and does not change things but people with vision change things. No generation can choose the age or circumstance in which it is born but every generation can choose to make the age in which it is born an age of enlightenment, freedom and justice. Ours is that generation of Southern Cameroonians endowed with the task of attaining freedom for our people. Let us stand together for history to judge us favorably.

Factionalism in a revolution is not limited to Ambazonians. La Republique du Cameroun also has factions in her midst; those that are in support of war without end and those who want peace and justice with Ambazonia. For the La Republique du Cameroun advocates of war against Ambazonia, I have bad news for you; you will never defeat the never-again generation of Ambazonians in the battlefield. I urge you to join in good faith your brothers who want peace between our two nations

Fellow Ambazonians, when the trumpet of negotiation sounds, let us walk to the table with one voice and one vision to free our homeland. Our independence is non-negotiable. Let our collective voices mirror that of President AyukTabe and our leaders in detention whom despite their present personal plight articulate our struggle with courage and put Ambazonia first. The path to freedom and independence is always difficult but despite the current darkness, if we muster our collective energies and talents, Buea will be a reality soon.

Our time has come. Our faith, hope, and dreams will prevail if we give truth and honesty a chance. Our time has come. No amount of atrocities and slaughter from Yaoundé can hold us down. No lie can live forever. Our time has come. We must leave social media politics behind and unite as one people. Our time has come. If we unite as a people, no force on this earth will stop us. Our time has come. It’s Independence or Resistance Forever.

Thank You and God bless you all.


Vice President

Federal Republic Of Ambazonia