Southern Cameroons War: Dozens flee as Biya regime forces advances on Pinyin 0

Several Southern Cameroonians including women and children have fled a Cameroon government assault on Pinyin, prompting warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia.

The Yaoundé regime advance comes amid calls by UN Secretary General for a global cease fire. Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered from eyewitnesses that an attack in the village of Pinyin late on Sunday the 19 of July 2020 killed a baby girl, who was just two months old, and her mother.

Our chief correspondent in Bamenda who contributed to this report hinted that the major goals of the French Cameroun government operation are to deprive Southern Cameroonians of healthcare, kill Ambazonia medical workers and push Southern Cameroonians to flee to Nigeria.

Exiled Ambazonia leader Vice President Dabney Yerima described the Pinyin situation as a “tragedy”.

With 32,500 Southern Cameroonians killed, 550 Southern Cameroons villages burnt, 125,000 refugees, 1.4million IDPs and 3,000 still detained any military intervention will have solid basis in international law.

By Fon Lawrence in Bamenda