Southern Cameroons War: French Cameroun soldiers targeting Ambazonian civilians 0

Francophone army soldiers loyal to the Biya savage regime in Yaoundé are targeting Southern Cameroons civilians in the war French Cameroun and its political elites have been waging in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia to make Southern Cameroonians believe fighting for their independence is pointless and costly.

A cream of Southern Cameroons traditional rulers contacted by Cameroon Concord News Group unanimously opined that Cameroon government troops were engaged in nothing but savagery against Southern Cameroon civilians and were moving slowly but surely to extinguish and exterminate British Southern Cameroons.

Ever since President Biya declared war against the people of Southern Cameroons, the Francophone army have only targeted civilians and engaging in the most number of civilian casualties they could to show the Southern Cameroons diaspora that the Yaoundé regime is stronger and to show that fighting for separation from French Cameroun is futile and that anyone who does resist will pay.

Some political commentators recently observed that Chinese businesses were being lured to move to French Cameroun to strengthen the CPDM crime syndicate passing for a government in Yaoundé and help its armed forces fight its own people, which it has done since Biya came to power in 1982.

The Ambazonia Vice President, Dabney Yerima has praised the Ambazonia Self-Defense Forces for their successful confrontation with the invading French Cameroun army.  Dabney Yerima also stated that the complete independence of Ambazonia will be a victory for all Southern Cameroons Resistance forces and groups.

By Chi Prudence Asong and Sama Ernest