Southern Cameroons War: How to Help Ambazonia Refugees 0

Nearly half a million Southern Cameroonians have been displaced from their homes because of the war currently being waged by French Cameroun government forces in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Even the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees maintains that it has been hard to process numbers that have fled the conflict to many parts of Nigeria and into French Cameroun, and the many tragic stories behind them. But a video of a 4-months old Southern Cameroons baby killed by Francophone soldiers has now humanized the refugee crisis for many Ambazonians around the world.

After more than three years of the Southern Cameroons war, Ambazonians on Ground Zero face a plight that is far from over. Consequently, Vice President Dabney Yerima is appealing to many charitable Ambazonians to find the most effective ways to help Southern Cameroonians on Ground Zero.

Southern Cameroonians who want to help face tough questions brought about by the failed and corrupt leadership under Samuel Ikome Sako: How does one most effectively deploy limited sums of money to help Ground Zero? Where is the need most dire?

While many Southern Cameroons refugees are trying to migrate to neighboring Nigeria, French Cameroun regions particularly the Littoral and the West are under the greatest strain since they are hosting the largest numbers of Ambazonian refugees.

During a telephone conversation with the Cameroon Concord News Group recently, Vice President Dabney Yerima observed that “To help the greatest number of Ambazonia refugees, you need first to understand where those refugees are located, and second, to support the Interim Government’s Amba Massive Relief for the Ground Zero wounded and injured, detainees, IDPs and refugees.”

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai