Southern Cameroons War: IG condemns Biya-Ekema Patrick-led carnage 0

The Southern Cameroons Interim Government has strongly condemned recent killings by the Francophone army in Buea, Mamfe, Ekona, Ndop and Muea. A Cameroon government military attack ordered by defense minister Beti Assomo killed scores of people throughout Southern Cameroons. The Ambazonian Secretary of Communications, Hon. Chris Anu described the killings by French Cameroun troops as a continuation of French Cameroun’s horrifying genocide against the people of Southern Cameroons.

French Cameroun soldiers are slaughtering on a daily basis dozens of innocent Southern Cameroons citizens including several members of Igbo extraction from Nigeria who are part of the business community  in Southern Cameroons by attacking civilian targets to make up for Yaoundé frustration and defeats on the battleground. Chief Barrister Charles Taku of the International Criminal Court says the killings in Southern Cameroons orchestrated by the Biya regime is a serious war crime.

The leadership of the Christian churches including the Holy Roman Catholic Church is maintaining a kind of silence of the lamb. However, the continuation of the atrocities of the Francophone army in the face of the silence of the international community has worryingly aggravated the situation in Southern Cameroonians.

The Francophone dominated army has been attacking Southern Cameroons towns and villages since 2017.  The Southern Cameroons war has killed more than a thousand, and placed the country on the edge of outright civil war.

By Chi Prudence Asong