Southern Cameroons War: La Republique relies on France why must Ambazonia not seek support beyond its frontiers? 0

Cameroon Concord News Group has demonstrated throughout 2017 its commitment to the dispassionate publication of news relating to the ongoing revolution in Ambazonia with admirable success.  We are grateful to our network of reporters and information channels in the battle fields of our territory under siege by the genocidal government of French Cameroun.  We are also grateful to our informal channels with the administrative and military structures of French Cameroun, many of them who are opposed to the genocide in the territory of Ambazonia.

Our commitment to bring critical analysis of the events at the national and international levels has earned us the enviable and commendable possible of the news organization of choice by key international actors with a mandate to critically evaluate the situation on the ground and develop appropriate solutions to the human calamity unfolding in the Gulf of Guinea due to the criminal activities of French Cameroun.

In the discharge of our professional obligations we have declined any invitation by detractors to change our focus on the people’s revolution and their just resistance against crimes against humanity and genocide.  We will stay the course in the New Year 2018 in the firm belief that bringing the spotlight on the crimes that shock the conscience of humanity against our people is more valuable than attempting to pull down the edifice and structures put in place to garner diplomatic, defense and protection measures support for our cause.

We had in the past stated that our presence in the territory of Nigeria was preordained by God. In pressing for certain actions, we must endeavour to be sensitive to the certain realities, which include diplomatic norms.  Diplomatic practice as far as our case is concerned may not necessarily accord with the realities on the ground which militates in our favour.  But we must not take this strategic advantage for granted.  Our news organisation is aware of this.  Indeed we have led by example by eschewing reckless publication of information aimed at compromising our revolution and the structures put in place to move us towards victory.  These structures require more efforts and support to enable them effectively and efficiently lead us to victory.  This requires the support of a variety of national and international actors, our nationals and foreigners of good will.

La Republique itself relies on France why must Ambazonia not seek support beyond its frontiers? For this reason we support the interim government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and call on other professionals to exercise responsible restraint in publishing information aimed at diverting attention from the main objectives of our struggle.  They can in exercise of their rights to opinion write and publish what they think. But there is something wrong when in doing so; they turn themselves into the object of the news under the guise of exercising a fundamental right.  When that occurs, the temptation to be swept away by the strong tides of the revolution is great.  If you doubt this, ask Agbor Balla and many others.  Not to say they may necessarily be wrong or right in what they write.  Just that their intended audience expect mistakes to be raised where they can be righted without compromising the focus on the revolution and the precious sacrifices of our people within and without our homeland.

Happy New Year 2018

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief

Cameroon Concord News Group