Southern Cameroons War: Murdered Mayor laid to rest in Mamfe 0

The remains of Mayor Ashu Prisley Ojong were laid to rest in Mamfe on Saturday June 6. The CPDM Mayor was killed on May 10, 2020 en route to Eshobi village. The 35-year-old politician was buried at his residence in Laterite Pit in Mamfe Town after a CPDM ceremony at the Mamfe Grandstand chaired by Hon. Mengot Victor Arrey-Nkongho, Minister in charge of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic.

The Yaoundé backed member of government called on the people of Manyu to show their commitment to peace and a united Cameroon.

When things like this happen, then love doesn’t exist. When you love each other, you cannot hurt each other. Today, what do we find in our communities – petty jealousies envy. That is why we need to find that ethos, the ethos of how to love one another,” noted Minister Mengot.

Betraying the CPDM connection to the late mayor’s demise, the Manyu Senior Divisional Officer Um II Joseph said although Mayor Ashu Prisley Ojong has been killed, the government in Yaoundé is “hopeful that his death will be useful for this division, for peace to reign and for unity also to reign.”

Senate Vice President Chief Tabetando showered praises on the deceased, painting the late Ashu Ojong as a grass leader who enjoyed popular grassroot support. “He was elected unanimously by the Mamfe Central community.”

The late mayor was shot and killed around Berore quarters, precisely at Charles Eyongechaw’s Hill, about some 500 meters at the outskirts of Eshobi, his village, on Sunday, May 10, 2020. Priestly Ashu Ojong, was killed in a fake ambush staged by the regime in Yaounde.

It is now an open secret in Mamfe that he was killed by government troops who had been ordered to carry out the execution from Yaoundé. The Yaounde government has been seeking to give Amba boys a bad name and it will stop at nothing when it comes to achieving that goal.

Priestly took a bullet to the forehead, a bullet that bore the hallmarks of the country’s military. The military man sitting in the front passenger seat is suspected to have delivered the blow that took Mayor Priestly Ashu Ojong to his grave. His driver is also suspected to be in the know of what happened to the young and ambitious mayor.

His death was received with shock, forcing the ruling CPDM crime syndicate to sponsor a protest on Saturday, May 16, 2020, pretending to demand justice for the Mayor’s death. The pro Manyu French Cameroun political elites accused a Cameroonian-US based activist, Eric Tataw for being behind the brutal assassination.

The Francophone administrator revealed that Ojong was heading to his village to receive Ambazonian fighters who claimed they had dropped their weapons before he was brutally ambushed and murdered. Born in 1985, Ojong leaves behind an expectant wife and three children to mourn him.

It is vital to include in this report that Minister Mengot and Chief Tabetando including all the so-called Manyu external elites left Mamfe immediately after the burial over security concerns.

By Kingsley Betek