Southern Cameroons War of Independence: One killed, 100s arrested, several wounded 0

One person has been killed in Bamenda, capital of the Northwest Region during protest against La Republique. The identity of the victim is not yet known but Cameroon Concord News gathered that at least 100 people were arrested during demonstrations against the introduction of French education and legal systems in the Anglophone part of the country.

Several people were also wounded as a result of the demonstrations. Since Monday, teachers in the English-speaking regions (North-West and South-West) have been protesting against the appointment of Francophone colleagues to head technical schools in British Southern Cameroons.

The teachers protest follows the demands of the Cameroon Common Law lawyers who have been on strike since October 11. The lawyers have demanded a translation into English of Cameroonian laws and all international treaties and agreements linking Cameroon with other French speaking nations and above all, a return to the 1961 federal structure.

By Sama Ernest