Southern Cameroons War: UN Guterres Greenlighted Biya To Kill in Muyuka 0

As more and more civilians have been killed by the Cameroon government of Paul Biya, absentee president for 37 years, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has been silent. And the UN Security Council has been failing, too.

Things have become so corrupt in the UN that August’s President of the UN Security Council, Indonesia banned Inner City Press from asking Cameroon questions at its Program of Work press conference.

On August 10 Guterres’ spokesman Stephane Dujarric, also violating quarantine, issued a rare for the UN statement on Cameroon – but one that has emboldened Biya and his army to kill more civilians. While refusing to answer Inner City Press’ written questions about the army’s abuses, Dujarric cited the “murder of a young woman in Muyuka in the South-West…We call on armed actors to refrain from attacks against civilians.”

Following this statement, on which Dujarric allowed no follow up questions from Inner City Press, Biya’s BIR has been burning down homes and killing entirely uninvolved civilians in Muyuka, and the UN has said nothing. These truly are Guterres’ murders.

 UK’s former UN Ambassador Karen Pierce, observed that  “Cameroon is not on the UN Security Council’s agenda, but there have been several serious discussions of events there, held at the UN. The UK has chaired ARRIA meetings on Cameroon and has also sponsored a resolution at the HRC.”

 Pro-Biya UNOCA Envoy Francois Fall continues to call “separarists” in British Southern Cameroons as ‘extremists.’

Culled from Inner City Press