‘Stop playing with fire,’ Prof Carlson Anyangwe warns Biya 0

Prof Carlson Anyangwe a leading British Southern Cameroons political figure has warned the Biya French Cameroun regime not to play with fire at a petrol station, saying La Republique du Cameroun’s continued aggression against the people of Ambazonia will be met by a strong response from Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

Prof Anyangwe made the comments in a special plea to the Southern Cameroons diaspora on Saturday. The much respected academic called on Amba exiles to support the Interim Government under Vice President Dabney Yerima and all its self defense projects.

Carlson Anyangwe insisted that the people of British Southern Cameroons have never sought a military confrontation with La Republique du Cameroun but will be displaying a resistance much stronger in the days ahead.

Because of support from Paris, the Biya French Cameroun regime does not commit to anything in international law! It has destroyed town and villages and killed innocent Southern Cameroons civilians in all its vicious attacks,” the prominent Southern Cameroons academic said.

Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia and its Interim Government will never forget the blood of its martyrs, Anyangwe added. “Soon and very soon, if they attack our towns we will attack theirs; if they attack our villages, we will target their villages.”

By Asu Vera Eyere