Success Nkongho: the poison among Southern Cameroonians 0

The dust about Nkongho Success’ betrayal of the Southern Cameroonian cause seems to be settling, especially as the fight against the Coronavirus seems to have overshadowed the struggle for the independence of Southern Cameroons.

While Southern Cameroonians are observing a ceasefire to enable the international community battle an insidious and disruptive virus, Nkongho Success has been at work, betraying more Southern Cameroonians and hurting those he considers as his sworn enemy.

Today, he has sent Paul Ayah Abine, the illustrious judge and once-upon-a-time presidential candidate who helped him to grow politically, to the SED where he will face some tough questions about his political and financial activities.

Nkongho Success has been talking with the country’s Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji, and Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, both of whom are in support of a sinister plot to silence the retired judge forever.

Mr. Nkongho claims he has evidence that Mr. Ayah Abine had sinister a plan to buy arms and destabilize the country.

He claims the learned judge wanted to use his church to raise money for his 2018 presidential campaign, some of which would have been channeled into an arms purchase deal.

He alleges that Judge Ayah had asked him to charge his faithful in his fake church CFAF 5,000 each which could have made the learned judge an instant billionaire and a huge threat to the government.

Judge Ayah is not a stranger to SED and his sound knowledge of the law will be the largest tool in his tool box in his effort to deal with this massive mess Mr. Nkongho has created for him and his family.

Mr Nkongho, who now lives in Yaoundé, is now enjoying some form of protection and immunity and these will last for as long as he continues to betray many Southern Cameroonians.

His family has been set up in Yaoundé by the government. All of his brothers have left Mamfe and his cousins who sympathize with the Southern Cameroonian cause have completely disconnected from him.

Speaking over the phone to a friend in Mamfe, Mr. Nkongho said he would never regret his decision, although Amba fighters had seized all of their farms and allocated them to other people.

He has sworn to destroy Judge Ayah, claiming that it was Mr. Ayah who attacked him first.

More will be yours as Cameroon Concord News Group gathers more details.

By Rita Akana in Yaounde