Sudan: Bashir appears before prosecutor 0

Sudan’s deposed President Omar Al-Bashir has appeared in public for the first time on Sunday, when he was taken to the prosecutor’s office in charge of corruption cases in Khartoum.

He was taken to the prosecutor’s office to have the charges against him officially presented to him, according to reports; a process which lasted shortly.

“The principles of the prosecutor’s office were presented to the accused, former President Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir, and a charge was laid under Articles 5 and 9 concerning the possession of foreign currency, as well as Article 6 concerning illegally acquired resources,” a representative from the prosecutor’s office said.

On Saturday, the Attorney General specified that Bashir faces charges of “corruption and illegal possession of foreign currency”.

Corruption cases have also been opened against 41 other former officials, the prosecutor, Alwaleed Sayed Ahmed, said at a news conference in Khartoum

The former President, who came to power by a coup d‘état in 1989, was dismissed and arrested by the army on April 11 in Khartoum, following an unprecedented protest movement.

Source: Africa News