Yaounde Military Tribunal: Ambazonia Leaders, Lawyers appeared in “Odeshi” bands 0

The Southern Cameroons leaders and their legal team appeared today in the Yaounde Military Tribunal with red “odeshi-like” bands on their wrists and arms in solidarity with Ambazonians killed during the 3 year old war of liberation as well as Tsi Conrad, Mancho Bibixy, Congressman, Tantoh Benji and all the other detainees at the Kondengui Central prison including Buea whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The red bands coupled with the serenity in the court premises that was also exacerbated by the news that Barrister Amungwa Tanyi assaulted recently by French Cameroun gendarmes was still hospitalized, caused a lot of stir and fright such that members of the prosecution sent some of the Southern Cameroons lawyers to plead with detainees and the lawyers to remove the bands.

Barr Shufai

When the matter was called up for hearing Batonier emeritus Eta Besong Jr informed the court that the defense team was in such bad spirit following the attack on Barrister Amungwa by two gendarmes last Saturday. He senior advocate told the court that they couldn’t go ahead with any hearing.

He however intimated that a formal complaint has been filed before the President of Cameroon Bar Association who had in turn reported the case to the French Cameroun Minister of Justice and Keeper of Seals as well as the French Cameroun Minister in charge of the Gendarmerie who had both ordered investigations to be carried out.

Neither the Prosecution nor the Counsel for Civil Party opposed the application for adjournment by the defense and so the matter was adjourned to 05/08 for hearing.