Tchiroma makes a mockery of Southern Cameroonians again!! Says secession has no place in Cameroon 0

Issa Tchiroma Bakary, the so-called Cameroon government spokesman and Minister of Communication has said that secession will never see the light of day in Cameroon. The French Cameroun political elite known for his role in the 1984 April 6th Coup against President Biya and for his anti Beti Ewondo statements also observed that the Biya Francophone government has satisfied the demands of Southern Cameroonians and added that each time a concession is made, “the seccessionists raise new conditions.”

Tchiroma was speaking during a visit to the headquarters of La Meteo, a pro Biya regime newspaper based in Yaounde on Tuesday the 10th of October 2017. The controversial cabinet minister whose health has been failing of recent, acknowledged that Cameroon was indeed at crossroads but secession has no place in the country.

Exactly one year ago, the anglophone crisis sparked off in Southern Cameroons basically from demands made by anglophone lawyers and teachers which ultimately metamorphosized into demands for federalism and later secession by the peoples of Southern Cameroons.  The Francophone dominated government in Yaounde has reported an uneasy calm lately within these regions after the riots of October 1.

By Rita Akana, CCN