The Ambazonia War: Biya calls them terrorists to justify their assassination and genocide 0

Cameroon Concord News has identified two groups of French Cameroun political elites seeking efforts towards providing an alternative solution to the ongoing crisis in Southern Cameroons or better still the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.  They are the pro President Biya minority following and persons seeking political power under the French neo-colonial state and those genuinely for a one and indivisible Cameroon.  We understand they are fundamentally different in significant ways.

On ideological basis, the Biya supporters are a group of political activists championing the philosophy within a neo-colonial political, economic and cultural construct. They are agitating to share in the spoils circumscribed within a neo-colonial criminal power syndicate acquired on the blood of Southern Cameroons martyrs whom they invariably called ” terrorists” to justify their assassination and genocide.

There is the liberation ideology that emphasis freedom and total emancipation of people.  Very few French Cameroun political elites are a product of the people revolutionary base.  They identify with Um Nyobe and Ernest Ouandie as the ideological leaders of this base and have been appealing to peoples of Africa origin far beyond Cameroun. That is why, their appeal to Southern Cameroons leaders was from the very beginning of the revolution trusted until political activists within the ruling CPDM clan affirmed and represented by President Biya infiltrated and derail the train of freedom.

The difference between these two groups of French Cameroun political elites is that the Southern Cameroons crisis has provided an opportunity for the Francophone CPDM gang to make advances to their common ideological base with Biya and the French government to forge and define an ideological basis to justify the genocide which has been ongoing for 56 years. They have no alternative solution for the problem which has justified and sustained their illegal claim to political power.

On the contrary, those of the liberation ideology have firmly articulated and publicly stated their firm conviction on how to resolve this conflict.  They are guided by the fact that the consultations and discussion which the late Um Nyobe commended in Kumba in 1952 was prematurely subverted and high jacked to serve a neo-colonial agenda. The bastardisation of the process sowed the seeds of the annexation and military takeover of the Southern Cameroons under a French military cooperation treaty.

We of this publication are not surprised that there are major splits within the Francophone political structure. It was to be expected. The Beti Ewondo French surrogates long built a political base led by Andre Fouda and then the Patriarch of Beti had previously defined the Southern Cameroons as the enemy in the house. The Beti Ewondo groups headed by President Biya have moved the hate literature further by providing the definition within the context of an armed conflict making Biya the first person to define the enemy in ethnic terms, thus providing an ideological perspective to the crimes making them genocide.

We strongly suggest that the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia provide a strong military response to Yaoundé, warning them against the risk and consequences of their actions and by so doing discouraging against the perpetration of crimes against Southern Cameroons on the basis of ethnic/nationality identity.

We also encourage the Interim Government headed by His Excellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe to continue to push ahead alternative solutions to this conflict. If Sisiku stop doing this, then persons who share his ideological perspective who are a silent majority in this so-called division within the struggle will again not be present at the negotiation table when Paul Biya will no longer be there.

To this I put my name

Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai


Cameroon Concord News Group