The Ambazonian Interim Gov’t: Recognising some important achievements 0

To say the IG has not done anything good in this revolution is just clear evidence that whoever is speaking is not honest.   This is a limited list of achievements by the Ambazonian Interim Government:

  1. 11 February – dead and buried
  2. 20 May -dead and buried
  3. 1st October – alive
  4. Consistent Ghost towns- alive
  5. Ambazonia now in the mouth of journalists and law makers in different countries.
  6. LGA by LGA a new strategy of sustainability people leading from bottom up.
  7. Leadership which was incommunicado now known to be alive. IG footing legal bills
  8. ABC TV our own 100% state own TV.
  9. Two resolutions passed in the US Congress in our favour.
  10. UK House of Commons debate on Ambazonia
  11. UK promise over 1.4 million pounds for aid to IDPs of Ambazonia
  12. UN Security Council discussed Ambazonia crisis and ordered Biya to dialogue and get to the root of the matter with us.
  13. Over 500 LRC terrorists sent to hell. Hundred of LRC military vehicles decommissioned.
  14. Huge economic loses to LRC control enterprises.


-Lobe palm estate

-Delmonte banana

-Rubber plant

  1. Serious economic crises on LRC military soldiers going without pay for months sending LRC to dive deeper in debts.
  2. Presidential election – dead in Ambazonia.
  3. XAF or CFA suffers and on the brinks of devaluation

Let the people Ambazonia watch out for those who wish they were in control and trying to blackmail the Interim Government so they can have their way.   No government in this world is perfect. But you do not discredit a government because of few imperfections.

To say the IG has done nothing in 2017 is clear evidence that such a group or people have an agenda against the IG.  The people of Ambazonia should not allow power hungry people to manipulate them.

The Interim Government has inter alia

  • taken care of our refugees in Nigeria through our HSS department for 2years and counting
  • stopped la Republique elections of Oct 7th 2018 through nationwide lockdown
  • banned CPDM across our territory
  • rejected French Cameroun citizenship and now all known as Ambazonians
  • Taken care of our abducted people in La Republique dungeons for over 2years now and counting
  • declared the restoration of the independence of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia on October 1st 2017
  • stopped AFCON 2019 from taking place in La Republique du Cameroun
  • provided support to our bereaved families through HSS
  • provided medical assistance to our injured RFs
  • Successfully organized the sabotaged Washington AACC of August 2018
  • provided assistance to our people currently living in bushes across homeland through HSS
  • Rendered Douala Seaport worthless to CAR
  • Brought heavy voices of pan Africanists like Prof POL Lumumba, Jerry Rawlings, Massango of Punchline Africa, behind our cause
  • accomplished a comprehensive modern, 21st century market oriented academic curriculum for our education system
  • changed self defense game in GZ
  • established a robust and up to date website ( our cause in order to be able to sell our story across the world
  • More than 10 undisclosed potential positive diplomatic moves ongoing