The contested election and the war in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia 0

Earlier this week, opposition candidate Maurice Kamto claimed election victory ahead of the official election results announcement. Unofficial and unverified election results numbers have flooded social media in Cameroon, which in the past the government has been accused of repressing internet freedom especially during election time. The early announcement by Kamto has been fueled with controversy escalating political tensions in the country.

Gregoire Owona, deputy secretary-general of the incumbent Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement party, has accused Prof. Maurice Kamto of breaking the law by claiming victory prior to the release of official results. The votes are still being counted with many experts expecting President Paul Biya to return for a seventh term.

Internally displaced English speakers from Southern Cameroons find themselves stranded in their own country, afraid to go home, as the violence continues

Conflict in Southern Cameroons has forced hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes. English speakers in the region are demanding independence from a Francophone-dominated government. The government has rejected demands for independence, but has said it is open to talks.

Meanwhile, both sides of the conflict have been accused of human rights violations and those who have sought refuge inside the country want to return home, but are haunted by the horrors they have witnessed.

Compiled by Chi Prudence Asong