The Ignored War: Biya and the Dadi Village Genocide 0

Women and children have disappeared in large numbers as the entire Dadi village was wiped out by the Francophone dominated Cameroon government armed forces. It was a larger scale campaign that involved three military helicopters and three task forces that swept into the village of Dadi immediately after President Biya declared war on the Anglophone communities in Cameroon.

Our military informant said that a French- supplied Hawker Hunter aircraft was used to drop grenades sending up large clouds of white smoke. No life   is exiting  in Dadi   village  in Akwaya  Sub division widely believe  to the stronghold  of the ADF force  as revealed in  a video  broadcast on social  media by the ADF leader, Cho Ayaba.

We can now reveal that it was an extermination campaign on one of the most thickly populated Boki villages in Manyu Division and those who attempted to escape were shot from helicopters. “Dead bodies can be seen everywhere” noted our source.

An aide to the Manyu army commander who spoke to our undercover reporter said that some of villagers suspected of having prepared the bullet proof charm were captured and transported via helicopter to the army camp in Besongabang and ferried by car to a Gerdarmarie brigade in Mamfe. Since then, they have never been heard again.

By Judith Fon