The looting of Cameroon: Catastrophic revelations puts GM of CNPS in jeopardy 0

A French Cameroun newspaper La Tribune de l’Est Economie that recently reported on the salary situation of the current general manager of the National Social Insurance Fund CNPS, Noel Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame has again made public disturbing revelations on the matter.

After threats against the publisher, Chantal Roger Tuile that reportedly came from the management of the CNPS, the newspaper does not seem intimidated. With additional new information on the monthly earnings of the boss of the National Social Insurance Fund, the paper opined in its lead story released on Monday, July 31, 2017 that “Biya’s nephews are running the country dry.”

The weekly in the first stanza of the report published a quote attributed to the general manager of CNPS. “I am the nephew of the Head of State. My name is Mekulu Mvondo, and everyone knows that the head of state’s father was called Mvondo. I’ll have Tuilé and all his acolytes shut up. My friends in the National Communications Council will dissolve La Tribune de l’Est Economie as they did with the other newspapers that were bothering us. People don’t mess around with me … Who are these Tuilés even? Are they stronger than the Roman Catholic bishops? His days on earth are numbered.”

The paper which announced earlier that the general manager of CNPS had a monthly salary of 11 million CFA francs has now revealed that instead of 11 million, the GM of CNPS has a monthly salary of 23 million. The newspaper also added that 200,000 francs have been allocated for the GMs water bills, 400,000 frs for electricity, 400,000 for the “telephone-Internet-Cable” section, and 900,000 for fuel.

The housing allowance amounts to CFAF 1,125,000 and the cost of sovereignty amounts to 16,700,000. La Tribune de l’Est Economie stated that “it is necessary to add to all this, the sum of 35 thousand for the “Health insurance, home management about 3 million, the mansion 7 million two hundred thousand, GM home furnishings and equipment, 40 million, two vehicles 100 million, installation premium 8 million.”

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai with files from Cameroon Info.Net