The March on Douala: Large deployment of gendarmes and police currently going on 0

A large deployment of police and gendarmes is curremtly going on in Douala, the economic metropolis of La Republique du Cameroun, where the Social Democratic Front (SDF) is keen to organize its march despite a ban by a French Cameroun  sub-prefect, Jean-Marie Tchakui Noundie.

According to security sources, hundreds of police and gendarmes have been deployed to Douala since last night. They will strengthen the security apparatus of the economic metropolis after the decision of the SDF leaders to challenge the administrative authority.

SDF MP, Jean Michel Nintcheu, who is also the president of the SDF for the Littoral region has said the Saturday, October the 21st event will go on as planned.  He made the declaration on Thursday night via the antennas of a local television channel that the SDF will not obey the decision of the sub-prefect.

Cameroon Concord News understands the SDF is supported by two political parties, which are not represented in the National Assembly. The Biya regime with the support of the political class, has banned the demonstration scheduled for October 21.

By Sama Ernest, CCN