The Republic of Ambazonia: Free At Last 0

The great day finally arrives. It has been a very long night. Many people have not known a good night’s sleep. All across, the worlds have been calling for peace. Leaders across the globe are advising Cameroonians not to walk that path, but Anglophones are hell-bent on walking away.

Akere Muna delivered a keynote address, calling for peace. He clearly has the interest of our nation at heart. But don’t expect much in terms of communication. Internet connection across Southern Cameroons went down yesterday.
The disconnection was gradual and it was final in the night. This is a government strategy to prevent mass communication. However, If you are around Missellele, in the south west region, then you are connected thanks to the littoral communication mast. It’s still too early in the two Anglophone regions.

As promised, 9am will surely usher in a new nation. The preparations have been very carefully coordinated. It’s hard to understand that a whole people are following instructions from people who are thousands of miles away.

However, some areas have already started seeing violence. The Kumbo central prison in Bui Division is up in flames as reported by some. Tombel is back in the news. Mutengene is seeing large crowds at the famous roundabout.

Disturbances are being reported there and in Mamfe, determined youths are defying orders and making sure their voices are heard.

Cameroon will never be the same again. For the moment, Tiko, Buea and Limbe are calm. Call family and friends to make sure everybody is ok. Cameroon is at the crossroads. It’s disturbing to see this happen in this once-upon-a-time oasis of peace. Free at last!! A new nation is born!! The Republic of Southern Cameroons