The Whispers 0


Oh the myths

Anarchist creed

In birthing



Some complexity

The sword of Damycles

Stealing power

For anxiety



Death and killings


Oh the impending doom

Facing the throne

The hanging sword

The head

The risk and anger

Doors shut


Isolation and bullying

Robespierre’s chambers

Self loathing king

Empty judiciary

The jokish legislative


Injustice and terrorism

Victims victimization

The innocents

The people

The land and

The fallen out of grace


Someday, just maybe someday

Comes now a visionary

‘by and through

Undersigned counsel

And files a true motion

For custody

Reasonable visitation

Pursuant of Cameroon law code

As for my motions states as follows

Wherefore to

Defendant stole

He killed

He abused

He emperor zed


Oh the times

There is dancing

In the streets

In the homes

In the schools

Even babies unborn

Are celebrating

In their mothers womb

The end and the beginning

Oh peaceful silent noise

The whipers

Tears of joy

Songs of freedom

Hopeful promises

Dancing at liberty square

In praise and memory

Of the ultimate sacrifices

The precious blood

Of liberty

Of patriotism

Of peaceful resistance


Yet still

The Whispers

Of the cleansing

Calcutta Calcutta they shouted

But the land is forgiving

The people are forgiving

By Christmas Ebini