“There was never a marriage between Southern Cameroons and La Republique” Tumi 0

Cardinal Christian Tumi has revealed that the reunification of Cameroon was only a fake arrangement. In an interview the retired prelate granted recently to lavoixdukoat.com, Tumi said that “There was never a marriage between Anglophone and French Cameroon. They live in concubinage.”

The former archbishop of Douala opined that no act was formally taken in July 1961 in Foumban. “They signed nothing at Foumban. Prime Minister John Ngu Foncha (who was a former Catholic teacher) did not have the power to negotiate, because Cameroon was under the tutelage of France and England. As the French supported Ahidjo, they were at the conference. It was England and the United Nations that had to validate the act. But these two were not present. There has never been a document about what happened in Foumban. People went to drink wine. ”

The de facto federalism thus devoted left many fond memories to Cardinal Tumi. He recalled that the country enjoyed good governance. For him Cameroon was “well managed, development was the basis. There was a prime minister in every part of the country. Paul Biya had signed a text on federalism (Reference to the 1996 Constitution, Editor’s note) which specified that governors should be elected, it should have ten federated states. Paul Biya then promised decentralization. That must have been good. But I have the impression that he was asleep when he signed the document and that he woke up after doing so, since he did not implement anything. The problem is that you do not want to share power, “he said.

Christian Tumi believes that there is indeed an Southern Cameroons problem. He explained that even if the problems are the same everywhere in the country, West Cameroon has its specificities. According to him, Southern Cameroons was already considered a country and managed itself, with its administration, a prime minister before joining Cameroon. He believes that an effective implementation of decentralization would have eliminated any problem. Especially those he sees in other parts of the country.

Reacting to the acts of violence perpetrated here and there, the much respected Cardinal Tumi noted that “We can forgive the person, it’s passion, but it’s unacceptable. All violence is unacceptable. We cut the hand of a girl who was going to write her exams. No reason can support that. But We can forgive.”

Culled from Cameroon Info.Net