Top Francophone army generals to soon be punished for their crimes 0

The exiled leader of the Ambazonia Interim Government has denounced the ongoing military campaign against Southern Cameroons villages and the loss of lives of civilians, stating that many of the Francophone army generals and their Anglophone acolytes will soon pay for their crimes.

On a Wednesday post on social media, Vice President Dabney Yerima said the French Cameroun genocidal machine is actively at work in the rural settlements in Southern Cameroons.  

French Cameroun war criminals and their known Anglophone advocates will soon kneel before the exemplary willpower and resilience of the Ambazonian nation; and will be punished for their crimes,” Yerima pointed out.

As of this week, at least 34 Southern Cameroonians have been killed by Francophone army soldiers among them women and children.

The exiled leader also stated that Anglophone journalists covering the war in Southern Cameroons are facing particularly high risks. Many have been killed and some have fled the country.

Dabney Yerima said due to the massive deployment of Francophone soldiers and raids on newspaper offices, journalists such as Nelly Epupa, Toto Roland Motuba and Ewang Miriam Metchane are now refugees in Europe and the US.

The main challenge for journalists covering the Cameroon government military campaign in Southern Cameroons is their own safety” Yerima furthered.

Journalists in Southern Cameroons have paid and continue to pay unprecedented tolls and face exponential threats,” Vice President Dabney Yerima concluded.

By Chi Prudence Asong